Raul from East SF Bay, CA

We are a homeless family ready for an apartment. We need furniture to make it a home.

My wife and infant son and I are in a shelter, but will soon be in our own place. A mattress, dining set, and dresser will get us started.


A note from the Michael Chavez Center Jan 24, 2014

"Raul is now in a stable home with his new born son, he is working and just joined at IT certification course at night to help him move to a better career. He will be able to buy a crib for his son and other items they need for their new home!"


I'm from Concord, California, and I live in an Emergency Shelter. Something interesting about me is that I love people and I am very social. I'm happiest when I feel I am moving forward in my life. I'm most proud of my family, they are very supportive.

I need furniture for our new apartment. This includes dresser drawer, a mattress, and a dining set. Meeting this need will help me when we move to our place because it will relieve a lot of stress. Our income is limited and we don't have any furniture.

Our current situation is that we are homeless, and I am living in an emergency family shelter with my wife and our son. My goal is to move out of the shelter and move into our apartment, and then to save money to buy a car for transportation.

I have a wife and a two month old son. We live and make it every month with the help and support of my family and friends.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Nati from Michael Chavez Center & Monument Community Partnership

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Validated by Nati from Michael Chavez Center & Monument Community Partnership (What does this mean?)

We met when Raul came to the center for resources about one year ago. I think meeting this need is important because the family is currently in an emergency shelter. They have a new born, and will be moving into an apartment in the next two months; they don't own any furniture and will need all these items for the home.

Raul is the only parent working now, and they will need many items when they move. This will help get one step closer to being on their own.

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