Howard from Chicago, IL

Eager to move forward! I need bus passes to search for jobs & attend computer classes

I'm ready to be self-sufficient! I need bus fare to look for jobs and go to interviews, get to computer classes, and visit my brother who has cancer.


I need bus fare to get to computer classes, to go to job interviews, and to visit my brother who has cancer. This includes 4, 30-day CTA passes. My goal is to find a job. I've looked for jobs within walking distance, but nothing has panned out. If I have bus passes, and I can go further away, I'll have more options. I really want to move out of my nursing home, and finding a job will give me the income to feed myself and pay for my own apartment.

Meeting this need will also help me because I'll be able to make my computer classes on time, whenever they're offered. And, I'll be able to visit my brother.

My current situation is I'm trying to go to computer classes, and I need bus passes to do that. I want to learn computers so that I can find a job.

I'm from California originally, but was raised in Chicago. Six months after I was born, my father moved to Chicago because of bankruptcy. I live in a nursing home. Something interesting about me is that I graduated in the top 10% of my class in high school. I'm most proud of my intelligence. I'm happiest when I listen to music.

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Validated by Emily from Jane Addams Resource Corporation (What does this mean?)

We met when Howard started coming to JARC for help finding a job. We worked together on finding career options that are a good fit, making a resume and cover letter, and practicing interview skills. Howard also was a student in the first cohort of our Career Management Course. I think meeting this need is important because Howard is working really hard already to look for a job and increase his computer skills. He has a lot of drive and I don't want to see just a lack of transportation get in the way. When he gets a job I think it will really change his outlook on life and give him a sense independence.

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My job title is Employment Services Manager. I have been at Jane Addams Resource Corporation since June 2010. My work involves preparing JARC's Manufacturing Program trainees for work by assisting with resume and cover letter writing, mock interviews and other work readiness barriers. What I like… Read more