Patrick from Elgin, IL

I want to learn to be a counselor but I need train fare and lodging to travel to monthly classes

I have Developmental Intellectual Disability and want to learn to help others like me. Shepards Ministries provides training, but I need to get there.


Patrick has started his training with Shepherd's Ministry! May 2, 2014

Patrick is on his way to acquiring the skills necessary to open and run an independent living facility/home for others with intellectual disabilities. He traveled from his home in the northwest suburbs on Metra to Chicago Union Station, then took Amtrak to Wisconsin for his training for the weekend. He is very excited to begin this phase of his goal and remains grateful for the funds that allowed him to do this.

Message of Appreciation from Patrick! Jan 14, 2014

I am very happy I received the funds to do this. I feel that God is choosing me to help other adults with disabilities because having a disability is a gift from God! I am going to be much stronger in God and walk much deeper with Him in His path as I build Stephen's House for other adults with all kinds of disabilities. I appreciate all of the donors, no matter how large or small their gift was.

A great update from Patrick's validator, Maureen: Jan 4, 2014

Patrick called me (three times!) and left me a message that his need had been funded. I wish you could all hear that message so you would hear how really jubilant he was. I feel a glow of happiness for him and I'm very grateful to Benevolent for this funding opportunity and to all who donated to his cause. You have made one very special human being extremely happy!

My need and situation

I need money to pay for transportation and lodging to Shepard's Ministry in Union Grove, Wisconsin, where I will be trained to train others with disabilities like mine, when Stephen's house opens. This includes a round trip ticket on Metra to Chicago where I will take Amtrak (round trip again) to Sturtevant, Wisconsin and two nights room stay at Shepards Ministries for my monthly training. The plan is for me to train for six months.

Meeting this need will help me because this is just one of many steps necessary for me to realize my long term goal of opening Stephen's House for people with disabilities like mine.

My goal is to train others with life skills like grocery shopping, travel and money management, job skills like job interviewing and how to work at a job, other skills as needed and I want to provide clients with continuing information on health care and counseling for DID (Developmental Intellectual Disability) individuals and their families.

My current situation is I am living independently and working two jobs: I work at the Thrift Shop 16 hours per week and also at the local Center for the Arts two days per week. I have already started my training at Shepard's Ministries- I have been there once. Without help, I cannot afford training over the next five months and I feel this training is very necessary for my long term goals for Stephen's House.

I believe that my Christian faith has been instrumental in helping me accomplish my goal to date. I also believe that having a faith based facility will also provide the foundation, support and development of the inner strength to accomplish all that the clients can accomplish.

I'm from Crystal Lake, Illinois. I live by myself. I am very independent.

Something interesting about me is I have found happiness despite many struggles in my life.

I'm happiest when I am around other people because I am a people person.

I'm most proud of the fact that God gave me the ability to start a charity to help others, despite my disabilities.There is a continual need to have facilities that can address the needs of the Developmental Intellectual Disability (DID) to develop skills to live and work in the community. It is also very important for the families of the intellectually disabled to have a facility that can address not only the training but also the development of the personal strength to accomplish the skill development needed. To accomplish this mission I have started the plans for a supervised independent facility that can teach and develop the skills needed by each individual in the house.

Need funded!

Thank you for helping Patrick fund this need.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Maureen from St. Mary's Conference of St. Vincent de Paul

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Validated by Maureen from St. Mary's Conference of St. Vincent de Paul (What does this mean?)

We met when Patrick sought our organization out because of our relationship with Benevolent.

I think meeting this need is important because Patrick is a unique individual who wants to help others. He is a man with a developmental intellectual disability who lives independently and he wants others like him to learn to live independently, as well.

Patrick has ambitions beyond the average person! He wants to share the story of his life and how it changed for the better. He is the President, founder, and CEO of Stephen's House, which he plans to open to address the needs of others in his community with Developmental Intellectual Disabilities. He also plans to publish a book telling his life's story to help others who have the same type of disability.

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