Calvin from Chicago, IL

I'm looking for housing & employment; I need a copy of my birth certificate to move forward

I'm in the process of moving my life forward with housing & employment. To take the next step, I need to provide my birth certificate documentation.


Jackie just sent us a thank you! Jan 2, 2014

Jackie just wrote in:

I was so pleased to hear Calvin's need was met so quickly! Before I could even share the news with him, Calvin had shared his thanks and called me to say how happy he was! Thank you for helping Calvin achieve this very necessary goal.

Calvin sends his thanks: Dec 30, 2013

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this gift - I'll be able to get a lot of my goals accomplish by this kind gesture. I pray that I'll be more than able to help someone else in need in the near future. GOD BLESS!


I need a copy of my birth certificate from the State of Illinois. Meeting this need will help me because in order to apply for certain housing or employment opportunities, I need to provide my birth certificate documentation.

My goal is to have my birth certificate on hand so I can be eligible for certain housing and employment criteria. Once I find housing, I can focus more on stability in all areas of my life.

Another goal I have is to mentor young kids and assist them in achieving their goals in all aspects of life. I want to help them make the right decisions so they stay focused.

My current situation is I was recently released from the Illinois Department of Corrections and I learned from my mistakes. I'm looking forward to moving forward with my life and stay on the right path. I have all my other documentation except for my birth certificate. I'm in the process of looking for stable housing and seeking employment/education opportunities as well. I also receive disability benefits on a monthly basis, so I have the funds to pay for rent, I just need all the documentation to apply for available housing.

I'm from Chicago, IL and I live with my friend on the Northside. 

I'm a musician for a church and play drums for Open Arms United Center. I have more auditions to play with other churches in the Chicago area.

Something interesting about me is I'm a very positive person. I'm happiest every day - even when things aren't going right.

I'm most proud of graduating from DeVry University

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This need has been validated by Jackie from Chicago Lights: Elam Davies Social Service Center

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Validated by Jackie from Chicago Lights: Elam Davies Social Service Center (What does this mean?)

We met three years ago when Calvin regularly visited a soup kitchen at my previous employment. I would see him almost every day, coming in for breakfast before he attended his college courses on the northwest side of the city. Calvin was always enthusiastic about his college courses and working toward his Associates degree. We recently reconnected when Calvin visited the EDSSC for case management services, requesting assistance to obtain his birth certificate.

I think meeting this need is important because Calvin is a very determined and motivated individual. He has two main goals - finding stable housing and gainful employment. Calvin has all the proper documentation to apply for housing, and has steady income from his social security benefits, but needs a new copy of his birth certificate for both housing and employment opportunities. Having all forms of proper documentation will allow Calvin to achieve this small goal and lead him to even greater accomplishments. 

Calvin is a very positive individual who is always looking for ways to develop and grow, but also give back to others. He has shared that any time he finds useful information that might help another person in need, he gladly shares it and enjoys mentoring others.

About Jackie

My job title is Director of the Elam Davies Social Service Center, and I have been in this position since December 2014.My work involves executing the vision for the Elam Davies Social Service Center by building relationships with and providing services for men, women, and families who are in need… Read more

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