Alice from Chicago, IL

After 32yrs of homelessness, I've finally got an apartment of my own; now I need furniture.

I need furniture so I have somewhere to sleep & somewhere to put my belongings. This will help me sleep better & have more energy to find a job.


My goal is to keep my apartment and to find a job.  If I start sleeping better and feeling more comfortable in my home, I'll have more energy and motivation to find a job. 

Meeting this need will help me because I will finally be able to sleep and feel comfortable in my own apartment.  I have been sleeping very poorly since I moved into my apartment because sleeping on the floor is painful and cold.  This has caused me to be exhausted and unfocused during the days.

I need a mattress and box spring, a dresser, a nightstand, and a desk.

After 32 years of homelessness, I have finally secured an apartment of my own.  I moved in four weeks ago, but have been sleeping on the hardwood floor.  In addition, I have nowhere to put my clothes or my other belongings. 

I'm from Chicago and I live in Chicago.  Something interesting about me is I play basketball.  I'm most proud of finding an apartment and I'm happiest when I'm with my girlfriend. I am a lovable person.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Allison from LIFT-Chicago

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Validated by Allison from LIFT-Chicago (What does this mean?)

I met Alice when she came to LIFT for a meeting. She has been coming to LIFT for a year and a half. I think meeting this need is important because she has been unable to sleep on the hardwood floor and she does not feel a sense of home in her apartment. Without a bed, Alice will remain exhausted and unable to find a job to keep her apartment. After 32 years of homelessness, Alice deserves a bed to sleep in and a place to put her clothes and things away. Alice is lovable and hard-working. She is really excited about her new apartment and would love to have the privilege of having furniture to make it feel like home.

About Allison

My job title is Site Coordinator/AmeriCorps Member. I have been in this position since July 2012.My work involves training volunteers, mostly whom are college students, to work one-on-one with low-income community members to help them find jobs, housing, and other resources. At the same time… Read more