Bee from Chicago, IL

Proud to be one of the few women welders! I need welding gear to start my career.

My goal is to be fully prepared for job interviews so that I can show employers how determined I am to be a welder! I need a helmet, boots, and gloves


Congratulations, Bee! Jul 13, 2015

Bee's validator, Jessica, says: "Bee recently checked in with the JARC staff to let us know how she's been doing. She has officially been employed for a year now and she has gotten two raises in the past year from her starting wage. Thanks again to everyone who supported her in this effort!"

Bee's gear arrived! Apr 4, 2014

Bee's gear arrived yesterday! Here's a picture of her new gear!

We have exciting news about Bee! Mar 24, 2014

Jessica, Bee's validator from Jane Addams Resource Corporation, just sent us this update:

Since Bee was recently funded, she has started a part-time job to support herself during the rest of her training. She is also waiting for the results of her American Welding Society certification, which will make her even more attractive to employers. She is doing regular job applications and interviews and we know Bee will be working soon. We have ordered her welding gear and she is excited for the day it arrives!

Bee was on NATIONAL television! Mar 12, 2014

Bee was interviewed by Headline News on March 7th as part of HLN's March Benevolent feature! Here's a photo of Bee after her interview:

Thanks again to everyone who helped Bee get the tools she needs to start her welding career! The way YOU give is transforming.


I need welding equipment so that I can start my new career. This includes a welding helmet, welding jacket and sleeve, steel toe boots, and welding gloves.

Meeting this need will help me because my goal is to be a woman in welding. In order to compete in this field I need this gear. My goal is to be fully prepared for all interviews so that I can show employers how determined I am to be a welder.

I am currently working on taking my welding certification exam. I am a young woman that is entering the welding and manufacturing field which is very rare. My current situation is that I am currently unemployed and have no means of getting the gear I need for welding. I would like to be prepared for job interviews with my gear that is necessary for this.

I'm from Chicago. I'm most proud of being accepted to JARC for welding and entering the manufacturing field and finding a career I enjoy! I'm happiest when I am building things and working with my hands. Something interesting about me is that I have a wonderful smile.

Need funded!

Thank you for helping Bee fund this need.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Jessica from Jane Addams Resource Corporation

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Validated by Jessica from Jane Addams Resource Corporation (What does this mean?)

We met when Bee first came to JARC for an orientation. She impressed me immediately because of the research she had done on our program and her interest in welding, specifically. It was great to see how much work she had already put in to figuring out her career.

I think meeting this need is important because Bee is going into a field composed of only 3% women. Welding is a career path that Bee has worked very hard to get into and when she shows up to an interview with all of her gear in hand, it's going to make a great impression on her potential employers. I know that she will be a great asset to any employer who hires her.

Bee started in our Bridge program to improve her math skills. She worked very hard and moved into the welding program very quickly. I am proud and excited to have watched Bee grow and learn more about welding and improve her math skills. Bee is always on time for class and has a great attitude in class.

About Jessica

My job title is Program Coordinator. My work involves case management of all students enrolled in our welding class. What I like about my job is getting to see students get placed in employment and maintaining employment after working so hard. I love watching people pay off debts, save for houses,… Read more

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