KJ from Detroit, MI

I am a father with limited mobility. A bed and couch will relieve pain and stress.

I need a queen size bed and couch. Meeting this need will help me because I will be able to get rest at night and take care of my family better.


KJ got his new bed Jun 11, 2014

KJ's validator, Lisa, reports: "KJ is so pleased with his new bed and furniture. He sends sincere thanks to everyone for making this possible. Thank you again."


I'm from Detroit and I have two kids that I am very proud of. I am happiest when my family is happy.

My goal is to live each day with purpose. I do what I can to serve the community and my family. Lack of rest due to discomfort limits me at times from being productive because my body is left sore in the morning from bad sleep and sitting positions.

A queen sized bed and dining room furniture will help alleviate pain associated with sleeping on make-shift bedding. Dining room furniture will help make my family more comfortable after being affected by bed bugs.

Meeting this need will help me because I had bedbugs and had to throw everything out. I am also living with a disability. Because of this, I live on a fixed income where I cannot afford to replenish the bedding lost due to bedbugs immediately. Due to my limited mobility it is hard for me to find comfort in my home now.

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This need has been validated by Lisa from Warriors on Wheels of Metropolitan Detroit (WOW)

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Validated by Lisa from Warriors on Wheels of Metropolitan Detroit (WOW) (What does this mean?)

I met KJ when we served on the local advisory committee for the Detroit Department of Transportation. Kemper is always ready and willing to assist another person in need of help or advice. I think meeting this need is important because Kemper will be able to better serve his family and community with the confidence that he can come home to a healthy warm outfitted environment. Kemper is always willing to help others in need, let's help Kemper meet his need.

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