Faith from Inkster, MI

I'm a grandma with limited income. I need new beds for grandkids who outgrew theirs

I have custody of my three grandchildren. Beds would allow them to rest better at night since they have outgrown their current beds.


Faith's grandchildren are enjoying their new beds! Sep 23, 2014

Melissa from Starfish Family Services sent in an update from Faith.

She says, "The family continues to enjoy their new beds! The children have been keeping their rooms clean since receiving new beds. They feel a sense of pride in keeping their rooms clean."


I'm from Detroit and have three grandchildren which I have been caring for since they were babies. My granddaughters just started junior high and my grandson is in the 3rd grade. They make me really proud. I am a very spiritual person and am happiest when I am with my family. I work hard to take care of them.

My goal is to provide for my grandchildren, who I have custody of, the best I can with my limited income. Right now, my biggest challenge is ensuring that they are comfortable at home and prepared for school. I love them so much and want the best for them.

My current situation is I am medically disabled and caring for my three grandchildren. I am doing my best to get the things my grandchildren need to be comfortable in our home.

Since my surgery last year, that put me out of work, I have been working with Starfish to ensure that their needs are met but things are still tough.

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This need has been validated by Melissa from Starfish Family Services

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Validated by Melissa from Starfish Family Services (What does this mean?)

I met Faith when assigned to my caseload in June 2014. I assist the family in navigating the different systems. I think meeting this need is important because all children need to have a bed in order to receive the necessary rest.

About Melissa

My job title is an Outpatient Case Manager. My work involves providing comprehensive case management sevices to child and their families. My goal is to link families to resources such as legal, educational, financial and social supports. The best part of my job is assisting the most vulnerable… Read more

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