Princess Taujuri from Oakland, CA

My baby and I need clothing to stay healthy and thrive as we develop independence

I live in transitional housing with my 5-month old. I need clothing for her as she grows and work attire for myself to get a good job to support us.


I need clothes for me and my baby. This includes underclothes, dress and work attire, shoes, coats, baby clothes, and baby coats. Meeting this need will help because I will be able to be warm and able to get to school and begin to search for jobs. I want appropriate attire for school and work. If this need was met, my daughter and I will be warm during the rainy season and have clothing for future opportunities.

My goal is to obtain a job and be able to be appropriately dressed for it. It will limit the chances of my daughter being cold and sick, as she has had some medical issues already from being born premature. Meeting this need will help with my goals of being a mentor to former foster youth and dressing as an example, and will allow my daughter to be dressed appropriately for day care.

My current situation is that I live in transitional housing and have moved various times and lost some items along the way. I have limited clothing for me and my child. I really need clothes for and my baby and I will be totally appreciative.

I'm from Oakland, CA, where I still live. Something interesting about me is that I am a foster youth advocate. I'm happiest when I'm taking care of my child and I'm most proud of my academic success. I have a daughter who is five months old and very eager to be independent and learn. She is such a happy baby. I love mentoring and helping people who faced similar adversities as me growing up in foster care.

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This need has been validated by Kamela from Beyond Emancipation

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Validated by Kamela from Beyond Emancipation (What does this mean?)

We met when Princess came into our housing program as a single mother. Princess at the time seemed very involved in foster youth advocacy and continues to volunteer and work with other youth. Princess gave birth to her daughter and entered into our transitional housing right after she had the baby.

I think meeting this need is important because Princess has worked very hard in obtaining necessary skills and education to succeed in life. She has been through a lot of changing residences and finding the appropriate and safe placement for her and her daughter. Meeting this need will allow Princess to use her educational background to obtain a job and uplift her spirits. Meeting the need will also allow her to get proper clothing for her daughter so that she would be confident about sending her to day care.

Princess has done well in our transitional housing program and has been a role model for other former foster youth. Her drive to advocate and help others is a gift that she gives to others!

About Kamela

My job title is Community Housing Coordinator. My work involves intensive case management with current, former and emancipated foster youth which includes employment and education, mental health referrals, and permanency planning. What I like about my job is that I can see young women and men… Read more