Alex from San Diego, CA

I am starting over, seeking asylum. Forklift operator training will give me a career.

I need basic forklift training in order to receive my operator certificate. With that I can work and take care of my wife and coming child.


I am 37 years old. I am seeking asylum in the U.S. because my life was in danger in Africa, that's why I came to the U.S. by boat. I struggled before I came here. Now my life is very difficult. I cannot get a job because I need a certificate in forklifting, and I do not have enough money for the training because my wife and I did not come here with any money. The situation in our country was very dangerous and our lives were in danger. We had to flee immediately and had no time to bring any of our possessions or money.

If I am able to raise money for this training, it will help me in the future and my family, so I may be able to support myself in any situation. If I am working I am able to raise money to pay my rent and my bills and also other people in my community. My wife and I are expecting our first child very soon and I want to be able to support them.

My need is to complete a forklift training in order to receive my forklift operator certificate. I don't have any experience in operating a forklift so I need to take the full 8 hour Beginning Operator course. I think this would be the best for me in order to have a good job to help me and my family.

Meeting this need will help me move forward because while this would be the primary training I attend, it will enable me to work and gain more experience. After having this training, I'll be certified to operate a forklift and find work to support my family. In the future, I hope to help other people who are in need.

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Validated by Tammy from Survivors of Torture, International (What does this mean?)

I have known Alex when he first became a client at SURVIVORS in March 2014. I have been working with him and his wife with their case management needs, particularly around his employment goals and the upcoming birth of their first child. I think that meeting this need is important for Alex as it will help him move towards economic self-sufficiency. As Alex has mentioned, he is an asylum seeker and is a newcomer to the U.S., which can make finding employment difficult. He is very motivated to find work and be able to support his family, including his wife and unborn son. Alex has displayed a very positive outlook towards rebuilding his life in the U.S. despite many hardships and personal losses as a SURVIVOR of torture.

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My job title is Clinical Case Manager. I have been in this position since November 2012. My work involves meeting with clients, through a combination of office and home visits, to address their case management needs. I assess and provide appropriate referrals to clients’ basic needs such as… Read more