Marie from Evanston, IL

I'm a retired mom in need of a wheelchair ramp to transport my son w/ special needs.

I fell and injured myself when maneuvering my son down the stairs of our house. A wheelchair ramp will eliminate the risk of this happening again.


Marie is moving to a safer home! Oct 1, 2014

Valerie, Marie's validator from Starfish Family Services, sent us an update from Marie.

She says, "Marie's current house suffered damages from a recent summer storm that caused her roof to partially cave in. Due to the fact that she is a renter, she has decided to move. Since she cannot use the funds for the wheelchair ramp, she requested to use the funds as a deposit on a safer, better house. Though she would still love to have a wheelchair ramp, she is going to look for a house that is more easily accessible by a wheelchair. However, at the moment, finding a safe and adequate place to live takes priority over the ramp. She thanks everyone for their generous response and wants you all to know that she was overwhelmed. Thank you!"


I am an older, retired mother to an adopted 14 year old son with special needs. He has cerebral palsy, suffers from seizures, and is blind. Despite his challenges, he is a joy to have in my life.

My goals are to be able to go back to volunteering at a non-profit where grandparents provide their support in pre-school classrooms. I love doing this work, and it also provides me with a small stipend that comes in handy since I'm on a fixed income. I normally volunteer/work 20 hours a week, four days a week. I had to stop volunteering a few months ago when I fell and injured my ankle trying to get my 14 year old son in his wheelchair down the steps of our house. The injury is almost healed, but I know that if I keep trying to navigate the wheelchair with the weight of my son down the stairs, I am at risk of falling again. I am not a big woman, plus I suffer from lupus and a bad back.

I need a wheelchair ramp installed off my front porch. I have been referred to a licensed carpenter who is willing to do the work at a reduced cost.

Meeting this need will help me because I will once again be able to resume my volunteer work and will also be able to get my son to doctor appointments without risk of injury.

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Validated by Kyle from Benevolent (What does this mean?)

I met Marie through her daughter who works for our family agency. I have known the family for at least 10 years. Though I know Marie's daughter much better than Marie, I know that Marie is a great asset to our community through her volunteer work.

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