Edward from Chicago, IL

Back on track! I'm an apprentice & finally in my own home. I need a stove to cook.

I need a stove because the one my apartment came with is too dangerous to use. My wages cover the basics but not a bigger cost like a stove.


I am a proud father working in a paid full-time apprenticeship program for a transportation company. Before this, I went through The Cara Program to find employment. On the side, I am a budding entrepreneur looking to run an entertainment-related business.

I would like to move up in the world, and own my own business one day. I have been changing my life around in the last few years, not letting my background hold me back, and have even found and secured stable housing for myself after living with a family member for over five years, struggling to find work.

I need a stove. My current apartment didn't supply one in the lease. A tenant left one there, but it is absolutely unusable. It sets off the carbon monoxide detector which is very dangerous if it is in use. I miss being able to cook a proper meal for myself and for my children when they visit me.

Meeting this need will help me because it is very hard for me to financially swing the cost of a new stove right now. I am paying child support and paying rent and a boost from donors would help!

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Need funded!

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Validated by Julie from The Cara Program (What does this mean?)

I have known Edward since he came to The Cara Program in November of 2012. He did great as he went through our job readiness and supportive training and also did excellently when he was placed in our neighborhood beautification internship program. He currently cleans trains for our local transportation company and is working towards personal goals of entrepreneurship. He came to Cara homeless, and now has his own apartment. Having a stove would help him immensely as buying food out often costs more than cooking in, and it would complete his home.

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I'm the Manager of Supportive Services at The Cara Program. I started at Cara as an Individual Development Specialist, which is a lot like a job coach, and I now manage the retention team that makes sure our students don't just get the job, but they stay in it for a full year. I fell in love with… Read more