Daesha from Detroit, MI

First in family to go to college! Need help with the initial payment needed to start

I'm receiving grants and loans to support my education but am short in fulfilling the payment needed to start classes in the Fall.


A thank you message from Daesha's validator Sep 22, 2014

Wytrice, Daesha's validator from Total Life Christian Ministries, wanted to send a thank you message and update to the Benevolent donors.

She says, "I'm so thankful to those who helped to fund Daesha's needs and helped her get to her dream college, Alabama State. Originally before high school ended, Daesha was concerned about paying off her student account for college. Daesha's father worked hard to help her overcome that obstacle and was able to pay off her student account.

In the midst of her summer planning for college, her father's brother took ill and unfortunately passed away. Funds that Daesha had saved for her transportation to college, for her orientation and to get her the living necessities she would need for her dorm room were all spent to get her father to his brother's funeral. Thank God for all of you whose donations helped Daesha with these college expenses that were needed to help her get to school and to get settled at the campus. Without you, she had no idea how these needs would be met!

Daesha has taken me on as a mentor and surrogate mom (her own mom passed away). We are in constant contact to ensure she reaches her academic goals. I am thankful that she does not have a financial burden and can now focus completely on her academics. Thanks again to all those who generously gave!"


I am a senior at Osborn High School planning to attend college at Alabama State University. I reside in Detroit and am a first generation college student.

My goals are to major in Political Science and minor in Literature. I intend to become an US Senator, and later write books about my experience.

Currently I am receiving grants and loans to support my education, but some of them come at different times throughout the school year. As a result, I need help paying the initial fees required to register for classes this Fall.

Meeting this need will help me because I will be able to reach my dreams and better myself. College is important to help me move forward in my life. Meeting this need will help me cross a financial hurdle and move toward the finish line of my academic success.

Need funded!

Thank you for helping Daesha fund this need.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Wytrice from Total Life Christian Ministries, Inc.

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Validated by Wytrice from Total Life Christian Ministries, Inc. (What does this mean?)

I have known Daesha since last September; she is a student in the school in which I work as College Access Network Coordinator. Daesha is a wonderful young lady with a bubbling personality whose smile lights up a room when she enters it. Daesha has struggled since the passing of her mother a couple of years ago and has had to bear the pain of that as well as the illness of her father and guardian who is now disabled due to heart issues. Despite her difficulties Daesha has been passionate about moving forward in life and is learning to write about her feelings in beautiful poems and stories. I have specifically worked with Daesha on her college goals making sure that she understands the process and helping her navigate through since she is a first generation college student. She has been supported through grants and loans however her father does not qualify for a parent plus loan and she is still slightly short on making her dream a reality. Your gift could make it possible.

About Wytrice

I'm a Pastor/Educational Coach. My work involves mentoring and coaching people (especially women) to live positive and productive lives in Christ. This includes helping them to strengthen their spiritual, natural, and physical lives.My area of expertise is in education. I am a non-traditional… Read more

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