Javier from Chicago, IL

I'm eager to get back to work! To make it happen, I need to obtain my license.

My goal is to eventually own an auto shop. The first step is to get my license so I can work in my field and gain the experience I need.


Javier is one step closer to getting his license! Sep 10, 2014

Hilary from Inspiration Corporation says, "Javier purchased his SR-22 and is going to get his license reinstated shortly. Javier looks forward to working in the auto industry soon."

Javier wanted to send a message to his donors as well. He says, "I appreciate all of your help. I did need my license back in order to start working in the car industry. This will go a long way towards helping me reach that goal."


I am a car person. Cars are my passion, and I've been working on cars since I was 14. I fix cars, customize them, and install sound systems. I am certified by Lincoln Tech for mechanics and I have 2 years of business management at Wright College.

My main goal is to own an auto shop. I have been researching how to start my own business, so I have set smaller goals to achieve the larger goal. This includes getting more experience in the field and saving up money for the start-up costs.

I need to obtain my license. In order to do that, I need to pay the SR22, which is a certificate of insurance, and the reinstatement fee. I will put $150 of my own towards these fees.

Meeting this need will help me because it will help me accomplish the smaller goals I have set. Once I have my license back, I'll be able to work and gain more experience in the field. I will also be able to start saving up for my business.

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Validated by Hilary from Inspiration Corporation (What does this mean?)

I have known Javier since he completed Inspiration Corporation's employment preparation training workshops recently. He is very goal oriented, and it is clear that he is ready to go back to work. Once he is able to get the SR-22 insurance and pays the reinstatement fee, I am sure he will be repairing cars in no time.

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