Bridgett from Chicago, IL

Winter clothing for my commute to school

I am a single mother and cancer survivor finishing my BA degree. I make just enough to cover most of the bills. I would like a winter coat and boots.


Bridgett's update: Jun 5, 2012

Hello Benevolent Family,

I wanted to touch bases with you to let you know that I graduated from Chicago State University, May 17, 2012 with my Bachelors of Arts degree.  My major is Board of Governors (Liberal Arts), and my minor Business Administration and Management.  I have a sense of satisfaction and a feeling of pride. 


I owe thanks to Benevolent and donors for assisting me with my winter attire, this has allowed me to have less worries, during the winter session.    

I am now seeking employment with my new degree and I feel very confident that I will have not just a job, but a career in which will allow me to pay it forward.  I am on my way to become more self-sufficient.


Thanks again for the generosity that was given to me.


Bridgett's Update on Getting Her Winter Clothes Mar 26, 2012

 Dear Benevolent Team and Donors:I would like to send a special thanks to everyone who took part in granting my gift.I am returning to school to continue my education and it is a struggle.  One struggle that I had to endure was the winter and not having proper winter attire.  Thanks to Benevolent and their donors, I was able to overcome that obstacle and for that, I appreciate all who played a part.  I was able to purchase a full-length coat and not one, but two pairs of boots.  I also purchased a sweater, hat, gloves and a scarf, which kept me very warm this winter. Although we had a mild winter, we did have a few very cold Chicago winter days.  I did not suffer one bit, and I am prepared for next winter. This all happen because of the Benevolent Team and Donors.   Knowing that people care warms my heart and has strengthened my faith in people.  Benevolent helped not just me, but in a long run, has helped my son as well.  I have a 22 year old son who has not been able to find work, not just because of the lack of jobs, but because my son did not have a coat at all, to go out and look for work.  I had some money left over from the donation and was able to buy my son a nice warm jacket.  So, not only did Benevolent and the Donors help me, but allowed me to assist my son as well.  For this, I am grateful.I made a video that I would like to share with Benevolent and Donors, which shows the coat and boots. Sincerely, Bridgett

Bridgett's update on her studies: Jan 18, 2012

My area of concentration is Business Management/Administration.  I will graduate with my B.A. in May 2012.

The Benevolent Community has shown me overwhelming generosity.  It has renewed my faith in humanity.   I would like to extend my warmest appreciation to all who have helped me with my endeavors.

Bridgett's statement on hearing her need has been funded: Jan 16, 2012

January 15, 2012

 Dear Benevolent Team and Donors:

I would like to thank everyone who played a part with donating money so that I could be able to stay warm while traveling to and from school. 

Returning to school to further my education is truly a challenge.  Not having the proper winter attire is a bigger challenge.  However, to know that there are people who care so much to help me with outerwear for the winter really means a lot to me.

Standing at the bus stop during the winter in Chicago is no joke.  I thank Benevolent and the donors for helping me to fulfill my desires to complete my education so that I can continue my journey to be more self-sufficient – Thanks!


My goal is to finish school, and I am doing well.  I commute on public transit.  I am on social security/disability so money is tight, but I'm juggling payments on necessary bills and getting by.  


I have two children that are now over 18 but still live with me.  Our money together goes towards bills first, and as a mother if I have extra I worry about them.  I have not bought myself a new winter coat in over 4 years.  I have one, but it's very old. I dont have any boots.

I have an associates degree, but every job wants a bachelors degree. I am now working on a BA board of governors, minor business.  I would love to get my masters in business someday. My situation is that in 2002 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I got my associates degree in May and was diagnosed in March. It threw my life in a spin, and I was not able to work. I am 9 years surviving, but the chemo etc. made some health issues, so I am on disability.  I want to be self-sufficient. Right now the government is paying part of my rent through disability.  My request is minimal, so maybe I'm in the wrong place and  I hate asking, but I just need a little help.  It would be nice to be warm communting on public transit to school.

I'm a single mother and cancer survivor finishing my BA.  I would like a winter coat and boots to help me on my commute to school.

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Validated by Katja from Claretian (What does this mean?)

I have known Bridgett for 1 year. She is a 9 year breast cancer survivor who is currently a student at Chicago State where she is getting her degree in Business.  She needs assistance with proper winter clothes that will keep her healthy and warm as she takes public transportation to and from school.  Bridgett’s goal is striving to get out of the government’s pocket.  She has always been very willing to participate in any activities and volunteer her time whenever she can.  She has been an asset here and is not asking for much, just some assistance to move herself forward.

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