Gary from Chicago, IL

Proudly transitioned from homelessness; I need basic household items for stability.

I was homeless for over 2 years. Essential household items will allow me to call this new place home, move forward and feel like a whole person again.


Gary says, "Thank you for your generosity!" Jul 31, 2014

Gary just called Chicago Lights to let them know all his items arrived over the weekend! He has all the essentials he needs to make his new apartment his comfortable home. Gary wanted to thank everyone who donated toward his need and he couldn't have transformed his home without everyone's help.

He is most excited about his new futon, which his granddaughter is also enjoying. Gary recently started taking care of his granddaughter while his daughter focuses on her new job. Thank you from Gary and his granddaughter for all your help!


I am a 52-year-old unemployed truck driver. I recently became disabled and receive benefits, but I now have a new apartment to call home. I signed the lease this week and I'm excited to move in!

My goal is to stay on this path that God has put in front of me so I can give back to the community and mentor teenagers. I want to be a positive influence for young people.

I need some essential household items for my new apartment. I'm grateful to have a new home, but now I need to fill it with a bed, dresser, table, and some kitchen items like a microwave pots, and pans.

Meeting this need will help me because it will allow me to call this new place my home and move forward with my life. After being homeless for over two years, I'm excited to have my own space and I feel like a whole person again.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Jackie from Chicago Lights: Elam Davies Social Service Center

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Validated by Jackie from Chicago Lights: Elam Davies Social Service Center (What does this mean?)

I first met Gary in October 2013 when he was looking for case management assistance with housing and legal concerns. Gary was living in supportive housing at the time, but looked forward to having his own place to call home, so we decided to focus on his legal concerns in the meantime. I recently received a call from Gary stating he was approved for supportive housing (which would ultimately become permanent housing) and was going to sign the lease the next day! He is very excited to have his own space and needs a little help to secure basic household furniture and kitchen items. Gary is very interested in giving back to the community, and once he settles into his new home, he hopes to mentor teenagers and encourage them to have a positive attitude and healthy lifestyle. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

About Jackie

My job title is Director of the Elam Davies Social Service Center, and I have been in this position since December 2014.My work involves executing the vision for the Elam Davies Social Service Center by building relationships with and providing services for men, women, and families who are in need… Read more