Catherine from Evanston, IL

I spend 1/2 of my paycheck on gas! I need help with a security deposit to move closer

Moving closer to work would be huge for my family, enabling me to keep my job and save for a better future for my kids.


Catherine wanted to say "Thank you!" Aug 1, 2014

She says, "Thank you so much for the help getting an apartment. This is a great start for me and my children. Benevolent is a fantastic program. I am grateful to all who took the time to donate for my need. May God bless you as you are blessing others."


I am a recently employed mother of two needing some help to get back on my feet. After going through a rough patch in life, I recently completed the training program at the Jane Addams Resource Corporation to become a machine operator. After learning skills at JARC, I found employment at a company that I know I can grow in.

I need to move closer to work in order to start saving money. Right now, I am living with my mother and commuting 90 miles per day to work and spending close to half of my paycheck on gas. It has been very difficult for me to save money for a security deposit. Additionally, without having my own apartment, I will not be able to regain custody of my kids.

I need help to pay for the security deposit so that I can find an apartment, move closer to work, and have my kids back home with me again.

My kids need to be with their mother. Once I am able to live closer to work, I will start saving the money I spend on gas every week and be able to save for a better future for my children and for myself. I love my job and need to hold on to it. This help will make it possible for me to do all of that.

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Validated by Alex from Jane Addams Resource Corporation (What does this mean?)

I met Catherine when she was enrolled in the CNC Fast Track Program. Catherine was an excellent student and really excelled in our program. In fact, finding her employment was not difficult at all because of her motivation and ability to learn quickly. We always call participants after they graduate to see how they are doing and when we called Catherine, we realized that she really needs some help to keep this job she finally got and to get her kids back. She is working full time plus overtime, driving over 90 miles a day, and making time to visit her children. She is trying really hard to move forward and would be in a much better situation with this help.

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My job title is Employment Coach and I've been in this position since August 2011. My work involves engaging adults in quality education, leadership, career exploration, and employment opportunities that meet the demands of skills-based workforce in an effort for families to achieve economic… Read more