Arizona from Detroit, MI

Beds for my children will help me rebuild after leaving an abusive relationship

I became homeless after leaving an abusive relationship. I recently moved into a new home and need beds for my kids.


Arizona & her children received their beds! Sep 4, 2014

She says, "I would like to thank Black Family Development, Benevolent & the sponsors for providing my family with beds & getting myself & children off of the floor. We really appreciate the help that was provided to us through you all. Thank you & God Bless you!"


I am a single mother of 7. I am a full time student at the University of Phoenix. I am a survivor of domestic violence and child abuse. I have been homeless since August 2013 due to domestic violence. I am searching for full time employment. I just received keys to my new home on May 9th, 2014 with the help of Southwest Solutions.

My goals are to finish school at the University of Phoenix and become a social worker. With my degreee I plan to give back to my community and help others just like me.

I need beds for my children and household items. This will make my new house a home.

Meeting this need will help me because it will make sure my children receive a good night's rest for school every day and will allow me to focus on my goals of completing school.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Jason from Black Family Development

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Validated by Jason from Black Family Development (What does this mean?)

I worked with Arizona in November 2013 helping her to become housing ready. She was able to locate housing and move in with the help of Southwest Solutions. She is need of beds and household items to make her new house a home. She has come a long way and needs help with continuing towards her goals of becoming a social worker.

About Jason

The goal of my job is to keep families together by teaching new skilsl and eliminating barriers. I have been working with families helping them acehieve their goals since October 2007. What motivates me is seeing families be successful.