Erica from Detroit, MI

Was homeless but now working. My nephew and sons need clothes & beds.

I'm working but am still building after homelessness. I had to throw out clothes and beds due to flood then bedbugs.


Erica sends her thanks Aug 27, 2014

Erica's validator dropped off a nice handwritten note from Erica, thanking all those that supported her.

It reads, "Thank you for helping me and my children get beds and school clothes. Now they can get a good night's sleep and be focused on school even more. I am grateful for everyone that helped me and my children. Thanks so much."

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I am a single parent with two wonderful boys in 1st and 5th grade. I have also been caring for my nephew for the past four years. He is about to graduate and I am so proud of him. I currently work 35 hours a week, six days a week at a job that pays minimum wage so providing for three growing boys is very difficult. It hurts my heart that I am not able to meet the basic needs of my children. I want them to grow up in an environment that is comfortable so they can focus on doing well in school and becoming great men in society.

My goals are to go back to school to get my GED so I could get a better job to show my kids you can do anything in life if you work hard. Focusing on school, however, is difficult when I see my children heading out of the house with too small clothes and knowing they struggled to rest during the night.

I need beds and clothes because most of our clothes got thrown away when my house flooded. I most recently had to get rid of our beds due to proactive measures to ensure we didn't get bedbugs.

I am trying to take care of my children by myself but I can't afford to buy new beds for all of them at the same time and it wouldn't be fair for one to have a bed and not the others. My budget is tight and these unforeseen circumstances have really put me in a bind. Meeting this need will help me because my kids will have clothes that fit them and they will not longer have to sleep on the floor.

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Validated by Paula from Black Family Development (What does this mean?)

I met Erica because she was assigned to my caseload. She came to Black Family Development because she needed additional support in providing for her family since they just experienced a flood in their home and bedbugs. Clothes and beds will help stabilize Erica's household and put her back in a position where she can focus on going back to school.

About Paula

I am a Case Manager at Black Family Develompent. I am responsible for linking clients with resources in the community through the Promise Neighborhoods Program. Promise Neighborhoods' vision is ensure that all children in the Detroit Clark Park/Osborn Neighborhoods have access to excellent… Read more