Latifah from Charlotte, NC

I found a job! Need help paying for car repairs to get to & from work.

My goal is to be self-sufficient as I support my daughter and me. Reliable transportation is what I need to succeed.


We just got a thank you note from Lafitfah! She says: Oct 30, 2014

From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely appreciate your funding my request. It literally came in the nick of time, to repair my suspension and right ball joint. The dealer advised I had been riding in an extremely dangerous situation! So now there's an oil leak + tires needed along with the timing belt, which I initially was aware of needing. I'm blessed to have people like you come along + relieve some of the burden! It keeps me trying, knowing someone is aware of my effort! I have 4 classes left to attend (2 this upcoming weekend of 10/24 and 10/25) (the other two 11/14 + 11/15) thanks to you guys, I can drop my daughter off and head to class (no buses on Saturdays). I will be receiving my Meeting + Event Planning Certificate on 11/15. I'm so proud! Thanks so much!!
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I am 46 years old and I relocated to Charlotte for employment as a Project Coordinator from Virginia. In the process of relocating, both my job and my place to stay fell through. I was so lost and had no idea what I would do next, but I knew I had to find something because I had all these bills with no income coming in. I then decided to go to the Department of Social Services and was accepted into their Work First program. From that point I was referred to The Urban League to attend their Job Readiness program with Mr. Miller. It has been a tremendous help to my family and me. Since starting, I have secured employment as a Project Coordinator. I'm so excited to start work at the end of June, but there is only one thing that's holding me back now and that's having reliable transportation to get to work. My fear is that I will not have reliable transportation to keep my job, and I hope by sharing my story you would be able to assist me with my need.

My goals are to keep my employment, have reliable transportation, and go back to school for my Masters in Meeting and Convention industry in the Fall.

My need is to have some car repairs done to ensure I'm able to get to work, and get my daughter to her appointments as well as daycare. With having secured employment I know that I'm back on my way to self-sufficiency, but I only have this one thing holding me back and that's having reliable transportation.

Meeting this need will help me because I will be able to have that burden cared for and I won't have to worry on a daily basis of whether or not I will be stranded.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Derrick from Urban League of Central Carolinas, Inc.

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Validated by Derrick from Urban League of Central Carolinas, Inc. (What does this mean?)

I have know Latifah through the Job Readiness Program at the Urban League. Latifah has demonstrate a strong will to get a head in life. Her transportation has been a hindrances and has prevented her from moving forward. It would be greatly appreciated any assistance you can provide in helping get reliable transportation.

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My job title is DSS Job Readiness Program Instructor with Urban League of Central Carolinas. My work involves instructing a job readiness program specifically for individuals who are a part of the Department of Social Services Work First program. What I like about my job is the difference that… Read more