Linda from San Francisco, CA

A lighter vacuum will help me clean houses faster and support my family better.

It is difficult to work quickly with the vacuum I use now. With my own vacuum I will I finish faster & be able to support my kids' education.


I am the head of household and I am a professional cleaner. I've been cleaning houses for 12 years and it has been difficult to find more places to clean with the vacuum cleaner the company provides for me.

My goals are to be able to save money in order to support my kids' education. I have been saving money in a different account for their college career. If I can find more work, I know once they reach college age, I will be able to support them the way I want to.

I need my own light weight vacuum cleaner that is actually mine. The company I work for provides me with one but it is very heavy and clunky. With my own vacuum cleaner, not only will I finish faster, but I won't have to worry about back problems anymore.

Meeting this need will help me because I will be able to take my vacuum to the new locations I can clean, finish much faster and receive more funds in order to save for my children's college tuition.

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This need has been validated by Paola from Family Independence Initiative (San Francisco)

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Validated by Paola from Family Independence Initiative (San Francisco) (What does this mean?)

I have known Linda through the learning project here at Family Independence Initiative (FII). In this project, families are required to report their monthly activities so that FII can learn how families are figuring out their own path to success. Families tell us what is important to them, why it is important, what goals they have and how they plan on achieving such goals. We then take this information and highlight how families are very resourceful and take initiative to build a foundation for their future as well as the future of their kids. Linda in particular has been very active in the project and has always been very open about her goals and challenges that she has always been able to overcome. Her kids are very important to her and more than anything, she would like to have a stable income to help her kids continue their education towards college.

About Paola

My job title is Family Liaison, which means I have the pleasure of knowing the families on a personal level while I learn about all the amazing accomplishments they have been able to achieve. Families meet with me once every three months in order for me to learn more about what new goals they have… Read more