Carmen from Chicago, IL

After overcoming a great health challenge, household items will help me build a stable home for my family.

I've been unable to afford items to clean our home. Meeting this need will help my family feel energized in a clean home & give us a better structure.


I am a single mom with five children, four girls and one boy. I have no current income, having just overcome a great battle to my health. I grew up experiencing abuse, and I believe that if one person has been through abuse, that's enough for everybody. The way I'm living can be repaired, and I surrender to help.

My goals are to be a better mom for my children, help them graduate high school & college, and help them live a healthy, stable life. Kids, God, and education matter regardless of let downs. I just want to succeed in life, grow, and help my children mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Our living environment is unclean, and I have been unable to afford the household items to clean our home. Most pressing is the need to clean our dirty carpet. I need a carpet cleaning machine, clothes, shoes, toiletries and bedding, and household cleaning items (mop, vacuum, detergent, disinfectant spray, sponges, etc.).

Meeting this need will help me because we will feel energized by a healthy, clean living environment. We will feel better about the air around us, and not worry if the germs are making us sick. It will give us a better structure for my children, so we know when to rest and when to work. Finally, it can lead to helping others in similar situations.

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Need funded!

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