Gracie from Chicago, IL

Winter clothes & bus passes will ensure I can continue my search for a job & housing.

Without the ability to access transportation, it's difficult to pursue my goal of stability. These items will keep me actively moving forward.


Gracie is Warm and Happy! Jan 23, 2015

Gracie came in today smiling from ear to ear sporting her brand new winter boots and a new winter cap. The funds have significantly improved Gracie's quality of life; she's more comfortable leaving the house and making appointments.


I am a 55-year old widower struggling to make ends meet. I believe in helping myself and am proactive about resolving my needs. I also am a mother of three grown children and love taking time to help people in times of greatest need.

My goals are to obtain a job, housing, and to finish school. Having been a teen mom, it's been a challenge to complete these things over time. I am currently an active participant at Inspiration Corporation, where I receive support towards obtaining housing and employment, and I am on track to complete their Employment Services Program in order to accomplish my goals.

As I move forward, and as I think about the one thing that makes me worry, it's the upcoming cold winter season, which can be tough on the homeless. I need boots, shoes, long johns, a coat, underwear, socks, and bus fare to get around.

Meeting this need will be a great help - well, because I simply need them. My greatest barriers are gaining access to food, clothing, and shelter -- without those, it's that much more challenging to pursue my greater goals of securing employment and housing.

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Need funded!

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Validated by Olivia from Inspiration Corporation (What does this mean?)

I have known Gracie since day one at the supportive services program here at Inspiration Corporation. I have worked as case manager to help Gracie in her goals to move away from homelessness and receive support towards self-sufficiency. She has truly been incredible to work with -- proactive, responsive, and committed -- and positive despite hardship. It would be tremendous if Benevolent can accommodate her basic needs, which she identifies as some of the greatest barriers from her effort to start over.

About Olivia

I am an intern case manager for Inspiration Corporation at The Living Room Cafe. I provide supportive services and case management to the participants in our programs.