Solo from San Diego, CA

I'm a new asylum seeker in the US waiting for my work permit. I need a bed to sleep.

I'm waiting for my work permit so I can get a job. Meanwhile, I'm sleeping on the floor & I need a bed to sleep better at night & be ready to work.


An Update from Tammy about Solo Jan 14, 2015

Thank you everyone so much for making it possible to fund Solo's need. She was overjoyed that her need was fulfilled and she was able to purchase a mattress and sleep comfortably. She recently got her work permit and is now searching hard for a job. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

An Update from Solo Jan 14, 2015

Hi everybody.

Thanks to all of you who helped me to get a mattress. Now I am so proud. Because I can sleep on the best mattress. I don't have enough to say but GOD is only the one who can bless your help. Thank you again.


I am Solo from Central Africa. I'm in the United States since a year ago because I have been tortured in my country. Right now I am seeking asylum and am not working.

My goals are to get my work permit and get out and find a job. I want to be able to be safe in the U.S. like everybody who has been tortured in their country and seeking safety here. I want to rebuild my life and maybe someday I can share a good moment with my children who are still in Africa right now.

I am sleeping on the floor and I need a mattress (and box spring) to sleep better at night. I am waiting for my work permit to come that will allow me to work.

Meeting this need will help me because I don't have money right now to buy a mattress. If I have a mattress I will sleep better than sleeping on the floor. Once I receive my work permit I will be able to wake up in the morning and feel good to go out and find a job or work.

Need funded!

Thank you for helping Solo fund this need.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Tammy from Survivors of Torture, International

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Validated by Tammy from Survivors of Torture, International (What does this mean?)

I met Solo a little over a year ago when she first became a client of SURVIVORS. Solo experienced torture in her home country and came to the United States in order to seek asylum and safety. We provided case management services to Solo to connect her with ESL classes (as she only spoke French when she first arrived), food/clothing/and hygiene donations, and access to public transportation. We also assisted Solo in connecting with a lawyer for her asylum case which helped to alleviate stress and anxiety surrounding her legal circumstances. We also assisted in connecting Solo to a local community health clinic that provides free medical services. She is currently awaiting her work authorization and is in need of a mattress so she can get a good night's sleep which will enable her in the future to look for a job during the day.

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