Constance from Chicago, IL

I can't wait to start my career as a machinist! I need work gear to begin.

I'm excelling in a CNC fast track program & was promoted to shift manager! Gear will show employers that I'm prepared for the job & ready to start.


I am currently unemployed and struggling to make ends meet. For 20 years I've suffered with addiction. I'll be clean 10 months soon. I'm gaining confidence every day, and I am finally proud of myself.

I am a full time trainee in the CNC fast track program at JARC. I'm excelling in my studies and was promoted to shift manager.

I need equipment to help me start my new career as a CNC operator. This includes safety gear, steel toe boots, precision measuring equipment and work clothes.

Having these things will show an employer that I am prepared and ready to start working right away. I'll be an excellent machinist and can't wait to get stared on my new career.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Dan from Jane Addams Resource Corporation

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Validated by Dan from Jane Addams Resource Corporation (What does this mean?)

I met Constance in September when we launched our new CNC training program in Addison, IL. Obtaining the funds to buy precision measuring tools and work clothing will be essential to her completing a successful job search. Constance demonstrates leadership on the shop floor and was quickly promoted to Shift Manager by her instructor due to her innate abilities. She has learned from others, and then taken on the role of teaching newer students how to program and run the CNC machines. I have personally seen her confidence grow as she has accomplished task after task. And I have no doubt she will be an asset to whatever company is fortunate enough to hire her. Thank you for your donation.

About Dan

I am proud to be an Employment Coach at the Jane Addams Resource Corporation. We work with individuals who are currently looking for employment in manufacturing, but need some of the skills that employers are seeking. My job is to help with things like resume writing, interviewing, communication… Read more

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