Griselle from Chicago, IL

I've been offered a job! All I need to start is work uniforms & bus fare.

I can take the job offer at an assisted living facility if I get uniforms. I'm homeless, so getting a job will open big doors for me and my kids.


I am a single mother of two who is homeless living in a shelter at the moment.

My goals are to secure an employment, use this income to rent out an apartment so that I can finally be reunited with my children, and have them live with me. Ideally, my overall goal is to go back to school and continue my education in obtaining my GED. I would love to have a career where I am helping others.

I currently need to purchase work uniforms for this position that I was offered just a few days ago. I need to purchase forest green polo shirts, black khakis, black shoes, and ultimately money for public transportation as the commute to and from the shelter and the job in the suburbs is a long one.

Meeting this need will help me start the position I received as a Housekeeper in an assisted living facility. Being able to purchase my work uniform means I will be able to start on the work schedule, and getting help with public transportation until I receive my first paycheck means I will be able to make the commute to and from work. Being able to work will help me start saving so that I can move out of the shelter and secure an apartment so that I can have my two children live with me.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Marlen from Center for Changing Lives

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Validated by Marlen from Center for Changing Lives (What does this mean?)

I have worked with Griselle as her employment coach through our employment program at Center for Changing Lives. Griselle is someone who has been consistent with the goals she has set out for herself. She always comes prepared to our appointments, and ready to put in the work on her life vision that we created together. She sees herself moving forward and has diligently shown that through the action plans we've created as part of her professional development and employment goals. Griselle is truly someone that puts mind over matter regardless of any challenges, and has shown that motivation and drive as she continues to accomplish goals one by one. It would be great to see Griselle receive some help via funding in work uniforms and public transpiration in order for her to continue to work towards securing permanent housing for herself and her two children.

About Marlen

I've been an Employment Coach with Center for Changing Lives for a year now. I provide employment one on one coaching with clients, I also coordinate with the employment team to connect clients with employment opportunities. I focus on services to the homeless via outreach and engagement… Read more