Melody from Chicago, IL

Having my kids in summer camp will enable me to go back to school!

With my 2 youngest daughters in summer camp for a full day, I will be able to attend school for medical billing and work towards having a stable job.


I am a mom who is currently taking care of 3 beautiful daughters. I also look after 3 fabulous grandchildren on a regular basis. I have worked at lots of odd and end jobs, but I am hoping to put my children in summer camp and finish my degree this summer.

My goals are to go back to school this summer, finish my degree and get a full-time job. I have always wanted to work as a substance use counselor, supporting people who have been through the same situations as myself.

I need $340 to register my 2 youngest daughters for summer camp at the YMCA.

With my 2 youngest daughters in summer camp for a full day, I would have time to attend school and work towards having a stable job.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Ian from Chicago House and Social Service Agency



Validated by Ian from Chicago House and Social Service Agency (What does this mean?)

I have known Melody for over a year now, and all of that time she has been working to support her children and grandchildren. Everyday she gets up and gets them ready for school, takes them there, picks them up, and helps them with homework before feeding them and putting them to bed; 4 young children, all on her own. Melody is the definition of independence and strength. She was halfway through medical billing school when she had to leave to support her daughters more fully after other adults in their lives were not able to commit as much time. Now she is ready to go back to school, but she needs childcare for her 2 daughters over the summer. This $340 dollars would not only mean support and fun for her daughters, but also the opportunity for Melody to take the next step in her career.

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