Debra from Chicago, IL

A computer will enable me to work!

With a computer, I will be able to successfully look for work and housing, work from home, and improve my overall mental health.


Hello! My name is Debra. I am a 58 year woman with an Associate's Degree in Nursing. I was diagnosed with renal failure in 2010 and I have been unable to work as a result.

My priorities are to maintain physical and emotional health, and find work that I can conduct from home. This past year has been hard, I lost my brother in January and working from home will not only supplement my income but it will help improve my emotional well-being.

I need furniture and a computer that can be used to work from home. I am currently sleeping on my couch and it is extremely uncomfortable, especially as I need to dialyze three days a week for three hours. First and foremost, I am hoping that Benevolent will help me in getting a bed.

Having a bed will reduce my chances of hurting my arm and going back to the hospital for surgery. The computer will reduce travel time in looking for work and housing, allow me to work from home, and improve my overall mental health.

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Need funded!

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I have been working with Debra for the past few months. She is extremely sweet and engaged in community events, having participated in a number of workshops hosted at the Living Room Cafe. She has a lot going on in her life and deserves the chance to support and care for herself emotionally and physically. Anything Benevolent would be able to do would be much appreciated.

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I am an intern case manager for Inspiration Corporation at The Living Room Cafe. I provide supportive services and case management to the participants in our programs.