Ileana from Chicago, IL

Overcame homelessness! I need an employment authorization card to keep working.

I'm eager to move higher in life! The majority of my paycheck goes to making ends meet. I need an employment authorization card to keep working & move up in life.


I began working after being homeless for over a year and was recently able to gain stability and income to afford my own apartment.

I am currently working with a local civic center and hope to move up to obtain a position in maintenance and cleaning which is a field I have ample experience in.

I am required to get a new employment authorization card in order to continue working and to move up in my field. The majority of my paycheck goes to rent and therefore I do not have enough money left over to afford the $380 for a new employment authorization card.

Renewing my authorization card will allow me to continue working and qualify for a better job that I was offered through my current employer, which has great benefits and pay and will allow me to maintain self sufficiency.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Shayna from Inspiration Corporation

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Validated by Shayna from Inspiration Corporation (What does this mean?)

I met Ileana through her involvement with the Employment Project at Inspiration Corporation. She has had amazing dedication to this program and has worked incredibly hard to advance and achieve her goals. Her motivation and her story has inspired me and seeing her achieve her goals would be simply wonderful. She has put in all the hard work, she only needs an Employment Authorization card in order to continue the hard work she is already doing and to continue advancing. She has already come so far and it will be amazing to see what she can do.

About Shayna

I am the Resource Specialist at Inspiration Corporation, an organization that focuses on increasing self-sufficiency and employment in populations affected with homelessness and poverty. My work is to provide support to our participants in achieving personal goals through connecting them with… Read more