Mitch from Chicago, IL

Professional attire & transit passes will enable me to succeed in my job search.

My goal is to find a stable clerical job. Transit passes and professional clothes are important for my search and success!


I am an unemployed person living in a homeless shelter. I've been doing temp work for the past seven months, but assignments have been inconsistent and few and far between. I'm hoping to find stable employment so I can move forward in my goals.

My goals are to have a permanent place of employment, long-term residency in a one-bedroom apartment, and to be a productive member of society. My interests are primarily in mailroom or office clerical positions and I have many years of experience.

I need the financial means for travel expenses to get to and from interviews and job assignments. I also need money to keep my cell phone service on to communicate with potential employers and my employment coaches. And finally, I need to purchase clothing for my job.

Meeting these needs will help me because I'll have the proper resources to sustain myself in a time of crisis and be able to move forward in making a living. I'm looking forward to the stability and gratification that comes from having permanent employment and a place of residency.

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Need funded!

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Validated by Kayla from Center for Changing Lives (What does this mean?)

Mitch and I have been meeting for two months to work on his employment goals. He is very consistent and hardworking -- Mitch has yet to miss an appointment with us. His passion for finding a job shines through, as he keeps taking on new temp assignments. However, traveling around the city and back and forth to jobs, interviews, and appointments is expensive when work is intermittent, and Mitch is worried about losing his phone service. I would love to see Mitch in a more comfortable place financially so that he can stay focused on his job search.

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