Jackie from Freetown, Sierra Leone

New mom returning to school. I need essential supplies and bus passes to graduate.

Going back to school as a new mom is very expensive. I need help covering books, school supplies, a uniform & most importantly transportation.


These funds are helping Jackie continue her education! Jun 7, 2016

We've got a great message from Jackie in Sierra Leone, sent to us by Sylvester, her validator at Develop Africa:

"These funds are helping me continue my education. They are paying for the coaching lessons that I need - as I prepare to take my exam. They are also covering my transportation costs to and from lessons. Thank so much for your support and God bless!"


While still in high school, I became pregnant and dropped out of school. After giving birth to a baby, I came in contact with Develop Africa’s Lifeline program. This program has strengthened me academically and refreshed what I learned in school. My desire to finish high school and pursue my studies has been re-kindled.

I would like to complete my high school, take the final exams and obtain admission into the accounting department at the university level. My goal is to to become a professional accountant in the future.

I need help with covering school-related costs - books, school supplies, a uniform and transportation. This will ensure that I will be able to continue my education, moving me one huge step towards being self-reliant.

Meeting this need will help me resume school and complete the next step toward my dream.

Need funded!

Thank you for helping Jackie fund this need.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Sylvester from Develop Africa

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Validated by Sylvester from Develop Africa (What does this mean?)

Jackie joined the Centre in September 2015. Since then she has been very punctual and steadily progressing. She is highly motivated and hardworking. She is very deserving of our support - that will help her continue her education. It would be a great joy to all of us to see her resume school.

About Sylvester

I am the President of Develop Africa. My work involves oversight of the organization and also managing different projects. I enjoy being able to assist people with potential who need a "hand up" out of their predicament or inability. I am passionate about helping to create opportunities that… Read more