Tom from Chicago, IL

Learned a new skill; need welding supplies to start working

I went through welding training and need the right gear to start a new job.


A thank you from Tom May 7, 2013

I just want to say thanks to everyone who donated money for my welding gear. I start work tomorrow and I would not have gotten this job without your help! Thank you so much! 

Update from the Benevolent Team Mar 27, 2013

Jane Addams Resource Corporation has let us know that Tom's received his welding supplies!

An update from JARC and the Benevolent Team Dec 21, 2012

Tom appreciates the six generous supporters who helped fund his need for welding safety gear. Validator Emily says: "It's great so many of our students have had needs met, they appreciate it so much!"

Both the validators and recipients from Jane Addams Resource Corporation will personally update their supporters once they are back from their holiday break.

The Benevolent Team


I need welding gear for when I start a welding job. This includes: auto strike helmet, flame retardant weld jacket, gauntlet style weld gloves, metatarsal safety boot, head cover beanie.

Meeting this need will help me achieve future goals because I will have the gear to get a job, which will eventually help me save up money to get my own apartment and be self-sufficient. 

I made mistakes in the past, but I've taken the opportunity to turn my life around and get a career started. 

My current situation is I'm taking a welding class and I currently am looking for a job, but need these supplies in order to start working.

Right now my biggest challenge is employers cannot hire me until I have the proper gear to wear.

Meeting this need will help me because I will have obtained a carer in welding. Also, I will be able to obtain financial stability.

I'm attending school 5 days a week for welding training at Jane Addams Resource Corporation. I came here because I want to get a career and I've always been interested in welding. 

I think of myself mostly as a student who is trying to change his life by getting a degree in welding. I made some bad choices in the past which led to jail time, and I'm looking to move forward from the past. Getting a career in welding is going to allow me to be responsible for my self-sufficiency.

I live with my brother. He's allowing me to stay there until I finish my education and start working and saving money.

I went to school at St. Charles North High School where I received my high school diploma. I've worked jobs at hospitals and factories. 

Something interesting about me is that I snowboard and travel. I'm most proud of making the decision to start an education in welding.

Need funded!

Thank you for helping Tom fund this need.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Eric White from Jane Addams Resource Corporation

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Validated by Eric White from Jane Addams Resource Corporation (What does this mean?)

I have known Tom for about 5 weeks. He is a trainee of mine in the welding program.

I think meeting his need is important because in the welding industry, personal protective equipment is needed to protect the welder from hazards associated with welding and injury to self and possibly others.

This will move the recipient's life forward by allowing him to start a career that's both challenging and rewarding. Tom shows potential in his ability not only in the weld that he performs but in his focus to succeed. 

Tom has a positive attitude and continues to show improvement in his training to become an employable welder. 

About Eric White

My job title is Weld Instructor and I have been in this position since April 18, 2011. My work involves training trainees in understanding the welding process and MIG, TIG, and Stick welding to better enhance their employment possibilities. Through interactive communication, hands on demonstration,… Read more

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