Aswad from Los Angeles, CA

Homeless for 2 years. Getting my own apartment and need furniture to make it a home.

I am a veteran and lost my job in 2009. I've worked hard to move from homelessness and need a futon to sleep on and kitchenware to cook with.


Update from Aswad: Sep 12, 2013

Update to my Donors:

Hello. This is Aswad. First I have to express my gratitude for your help in helping me set up my new home. Between you and PATH I am very happy and very comfortable in my new home! THANK YOU!

Since I left PATH I have graduated from Beauty School and passed my State Board Test and should have my license in a couple of weeks! I have also been certified as a Dinair Airbrush Makeup Artist. I recently gave a speech at Marinello's to the student body. I am also in the process of launching my own SkinCare Line so I never have to work for anyone or be dependent again.

Thank you again so much for all your help. My home and new life wouldn't be what it is without you.


Pictures of Aswad's new home: Jul 30, 2013

I am sooo happy in my new home!
I am so grateful to Benevolent for making it possible for me to furnish my new studio exactly the way I wanted!
Thank you so much, and check out for my next step.
Thanks so much!

An update from Aswad Apr 16, 2013

Hi again! So last week I finally got my housing voucher and I found my apartment the same day! Today Matthew ordered everything I need off my Amazon wish list and it is being shipped to me as I write this.
I will have a new futon, Zen scroll, tea maker, smoothy maker and incense for days! My little Zendo will be exactly as I envisioned it!
Thank you again and I will try to send pictures.
Wishing you balance. 

I haven't moved yet, but I'll send you an update as soon as it happens. Dec 20, 2012

Hi there. I'm not settled in yet. Had a bit of a set back and not able to move just yet. But I'll definitely let you know when I do and will send an update.

- Aswad

From Aswad: Thank you doesn't cover it! Oct 2, 2012

Hello, I'm Aswad. I am very grateful to Benevolent and my donors who donated to me.

To say my mind is blown is an under statement. I never imagined that not only would I get the full amount I was asking for, but from only two donors.

Thanks to my two donors and I have pretty much got enough things on my Wish List to furnish an entire studio apartment. I'll finally have my Futon, bed pillow, shelves, candle, incense, tea maker, wok, and things for the bathroom!

I will be able to have my apartment exactly the way I pictured it in my head. I even found a bed for my future Service Dog!

Thank you so much for making this happen for me. I cannot express my gratitude enough. And if you're ever in Los Angeles, I'll make you some tea!

Thank you so much!


Wishing you balance


I need furniture for my new apartment. This includes a futon, cushions for guests to sit on, dishes, miscellaneous kitchenware, and a meditation cushion.

I intend to move into my own apartment soon. Quiet, clean, and safe. That is my goal, and I need your help to turn it into a home. 

I moved to Oregon in 2005 and worked steady until 2009 when I was laid off. Then my unemployment ran out and I lost my home and my cat of 13 years. I bounced from place to place until I found myself at PATH's transitional housing facility in West Los Angeles.

A stable comfortable home is the first step to getting back on my feet and continuing on with a peaceful life.

I'm Aswad and I'm a 49 year old disabled Navy veteran. I've worked very hard for the past 30 years - working in a variety of roles, from dancer/choreographer, to receptionists to model, only to find myself homeless today.

I've always believed in working hard to get what I want, but I'm not above asking for help.

I think of myself mostly as a peaceful Buddhist person. 

I am most proud of my work ethic and ability to overcome life's obstacles.

Need funded!

Thank you for helping Aswad fund this need.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Matthew from PATH

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Validated by Matthew from PATH (What does this mean?)

I have known Aswad for a few months and serve as the Associate Director at the transitional living center where he is staying.

I think meeting this need is important because everyone deserves to have a safe and stable home.

This will move the recipient's life forward by enabling him to have stability in his life.

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My job title is Associate Director, PATH Los Angeles. I have been in this position since May 2011. In my role, I have the task of overseeing our emergency shelter in West Los Angeles. My work involves helping homeless individuals find housing and employment as they work towards… Read more