Karen from Chicago, IL

I've been homeless for 2 years. Help me pay a small bill to be eligible for housing.

I am asking for help in paying a bill I have from the State of Illinois. I won't be able to obtain the housing I need until I can pay this bill.


My name is Karen. I was born and raised in Chicago. For the past two years, I have been struggling with homelessness. I never ever fathomed that I would be in this situation.

It is really important to me to commit to a career in doing something that I love. One of my passions is interior design. When I get my own place, I plan to decorate each room and make my space into a portfolio for my work. I really enjoy putting different aspects of a room together and making any budget reach its full potential. My plan is eventually to go back to school to get my associate’s degree and take design courses to further prepare me in my career endeavors.

I am currently asking for help in paying back a bill I have from the state. In order to obtain housing with the state and find stability in my life, I must first pay back this debt. Due to my current level of income, I am unable to pay off this debt and further I am unable to access the housing resources that would be reasonable for my income.

If I could pay this debt, I would become eligible for affordable housing. This would be a large step towards accomplishing my goals and finding the stability I need to further my career. Thank you so much for your support.

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Validated by Shayna from Inspiration Corporation (What does this mean?)

Karen and I have been working together through Inspiration Corporation for the past several months. I have seen Karen work hard to develop her skills and her stability through our employment preparation resources as well as through the updates she gives me on other aspects of her life. During our appointments, Karen continually shows that she is goal-oriented and true to her values. I have also enjoyed seeing her light up when she talks about her passion for interior design. However, housing has always been the biggest barrier for her. Supporting this need will help Karen to obtain housing. We greatly appreciate your support.

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I am the Resource Specialist at Inspiration Corporation, an organization that focuses on increasing self-sufficiency and employment in populations affected with homelessness and poverty. My work is to provide support to our participants in achieving personal goals through connecting them with… Read more