Anne from Chicago, IL

A bed as I save up for our own place

I need a bed for my son and me. My work requires hours on my feet and lots of lifting. We've got a place to stay but need someplace to sleep.


Lynnette (upon bed delivery) Jan 17, 2012

The bed was delivered and I want to thank you for all of your support and efforts in assisting Anne.  We look forward to the future!

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Anne (on learning her need has been met) Jan 17, 2012

I am ecstatic to hear about the donations made for the bed. It is truly touching to know that others can care so much for someone who they don't even know. I no longer have an air mattress and have struggled with figuring out a comfortable sleeping arrangment. Now I no longer have to stress over a fitful night of sleep. This will totally help me and my son sleep better at night. I truly appreciate this and will hold the donors in my heart for doing such a beautiful thing...They will be blessed.


My son and I are currently rooming in my friend's apartment.  We have our own room, but no bed or furniture. I'm living with this friend because she was willing to help us out and is a safe person for my son to be around.  I'm grateful that she's helping me to save money now so that I can get my own apartment.  It won't be much, but it will be my own. Getting money so that I can buy a bed will help because right now we're sleeping on an air mattress and there's always that fear that it will pop.  I work as a dining attendant at a university cleaning tables, re-stocking items, making sure carpets are swept, fresh fruit and food is out, and more.  I've had back pain since I was younger, and with this phyiscal job, sleeping on an air mattress doesn't help with my pain or in getting a proper night's sleep.

I haven't had a bed in years. The last time I had a bed was in 2006 when I lost my job. Since then I've stayed with different people. I moved and couldn't take the furniture with me and have been sleeping on people's couches or in shelters ever since.

I was referred to the Cara Program from a shelter I was staying at. Here I've learned to value things and I got a lot of clarity. It has been a life-changing experience. They helped me find my current job and I've been working there for almost two months now.

I don't want my son to have to sleep on the floor. With everything he's been through, it will be nice for him to have some of the normal necessities of life.

I am a 30 year old single mother with a ten-year-old son.  I have currently been employed for close to two months. I'm planning to start back to college next semester with my goal being a degree in social work.  Right now I'm trying to make ends meet for myself and my son.

My son and I are currently living with a friend who is helping me get my life on the right track.  I'm saving money with the goal of being able to find my own place within the year.

Need funded!

Thank you for helping Anne fund this need.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Lynnette from The Cara Program


Validated by Lynnette from The Cara Program (What does this mean?)

I'm Lynnette and I am an Individual Development Specialist wtih the Cara Program.  I've been here five years and I've had the opportunity to work with Anne since 2010 when she entered the program with the determination to become self-sufficient.

By assisting Anne with a bed for her and her son, it will not only help her physically so that she can be capable of performing her duties at work because of a good night's sleep, it will also help her excel and promote herself within and stay on her path towards lasting success and stability.

I feel that Anne is on the path to her success and I feel that this assistance will not only help her in her current employment, but it will also help her in her personal growth.

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I’ve been with The Cara Program for 5 years as an Individual Development Specialist. I work with the individuals from their first day in the program through their first year of employment. I provide solutions and resources for any obstacles that occur within their personal life, whether it's… Read more