Tiffany from Chicago, IL

I'm a CNA who wants to be an LPN - need a laptop to take online classes

I currently have my CNA license and plan to become an LPN. I need a laptop so I can take online classes at home while parenting my two handsome boys.


Update from Annie: Feb 7, 2013

Good afternoon,

Tiffany  Jones was very excited to receive her brand new laptop computer today! We also outfitted the computer with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and gave her a printer to go with it! She is very grateful and will notify me when she is registered for her on-line classes. Thank you again to Benevolent and all the donors!



I need a laptop so I can take online classes at home to become a licensed vocational nurse. This includes a laptop and printer.

I've decided to continue my education in the nursing field by becoming an LPN. I want to better my life and also my children's lives.

Meeting this need will help me because I can take online classes at home and also I can spend quality time with my children. Meeting this need will help me achieve future goals because I currently have my CNA license, so now I've decided to further my education in nursing. It will help me out a lot.

Right now, my biggest challenge is I'm not working and I can't afford to buy a laptop. I'm looking for work but it's very hard and I figure since I'm already certified that it would be easy to find employment.

I'm most proud of me because I'm a strong person and also a good mother to my children. I'm also proud because I have two handsome boys who love me unconditionally.

Something interesting about me is that I don't let small things take a toll on me.

I live with my mom, and I went to school at Austin Community High. I've worked at jobs including patient care, fast food, and retail.

My current situation is I have recently lost my twin baby boys at birth. When I lost my twins that was the hardest thing ever. I got fired from my job so now that's why I'm furthering my education.

I think of myself mostly as a good person because I'm always there to help others but no one is ever there for me, but it don't matter because I believe I am still getting my blessing.

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This need has been validated by Annie from Erie Elementary Charter School

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Validated by Annie from Erie Elementary Charter School (What does this mean?)

I have known Tiffany since her oldest son started school here 3 years ago. She is well known at our school being active at school events and volunteering her time. Now her other son attends our school, as well.

I think meeting this need is important because having a computer at home is important for her so that she can take classes on-line. Also it will be useful for her children to have this resource to use for their homework. A computer at home is almost necessary for all families these days to keep up with what's going on at school and work.

This will move Tiffany's life forward by giving her the tools she needs to continue her education while still being able to spend the time needed with her children. It will also help her children to keep up with technology such as saving their homework on flash drives and also creating power point presentations.

Tiffany and her family are a well-deserving family that would get great use out of this laptop. Tiffany is looking forward to continuing her education while caring for her children and being a good example to them. I am happy to help her and her children and hope to see this need met.

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