Thaddeus from Bronx, NY

I'm overcoming homelessness after a hurricane. A television will help me recover.

I have been dealing with depression, pain and PTSD symptoms. A TV will help me relax at home and find some peace each day.


I am a 59-year-old veteran living with disabilities and chronic pain. I became homeless after Hurricane Sandy destroyed the property I was living and have been living on the streets and in the shelter until I moved into supportive housing BFL Apartments about a year ago.

I am trying my best to pay my rent on time so I don't become homeless again so my main goals are to keep my apartment, secure more income and take care of my health and my mental capacity.

Recently I experienced stroke and so I had to spend a lot of money on medical bills. My social worker is helping me apply for SSI and Medicaid, but right now I only have Veterans' benefit as an income. Especially because of the stroke, I can't do the things I used to be able to do, like run and I have a harder time remembering things, so I have been dealing with depression and pain, and PTSD symptoms. I need a television that could distract me from my daily pains because I'll be able to watch some football games. The television will also help me feel more connected because I'll be able to watch news and know what the weather will be like outside.

Right now to cope I use a public computer room and watch YouTube videos there, and this is hard on me because I'm not good at using computers. My social worker just recently helped me how to use email for example. The chair in the computer room and being in public space with my depression is also very hard. All my income is going towards my bills and I feel like I'm barely hanging on. Thank you for reading about my story. I will greatly appreciate any support you can give me.

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Validated by David from Barrier Free Living, Inc. (What does this mean?)

I have been Thaddeus' social worker here at BFL Apartments since he moved in over a year ago. I can attest that he has had to overcome many challenges with his limited income and daily chronic pain and disabilities. When I meet and talk with him, he is always with a smile and shares me his stories of how he survived when he used to be homeless after Hurricane Sandy came to his neighborhood in Rockaway Park. I have often seen him help other tenants in the community by talking friendly to them and providing them with food if they need it. Despite his hardships, he's very proactive about doing good and maintaining his health and housing. Recently, he has experienced serious hardships including experiencing stroke and resurgence of mental health symptoms. He has had to spend all his money on medical bills and on his share of the rent. It will take him a long time for him to be able to afford a television, and right now, I think a television in his own apartment would be needed for him to best cope with his depression and PTSD symptoms.

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Barrier Free Living Apartments is home to 70 individuals and 50 single-parent households with children who have survived chronic homelessness, disability, and trauma. My role here is as a Social Worker, providing support/advocacy primarily to a caseload of 17 tenants. I collaborate with a team of… Read more