Craig from Chicago, IL

I'm getting back on my feet. A few months of bus passes will help me land a job!

Getting back to work will help me become a strong part of the community and an all-around better person.


Thanks to you, Craig has transportation! May 15, 2017

Sophie, Craig's validator and Resource Specialist at Inspiration Corporation, sent us this awesome message of thanks:

"Thank you donors! With your help, Craig now has two months of unlimited bus rides! Craig is excited to have the transportation security to be able to get his errands done, seek out more job opportunities and attend more interviews. Again, thank you so much to those who donated."


I am a self-employed contractor who is currently looking for full-time employment/contracts. I have eleven years of experience in business administration and finance, and am currently looking to take my career to the next level. I have recently moved into a new apartment and am excited to see what the next leg in this journey shall bring.

My career goal is to secure a position in financial administration and/or human resources. Such a position would allow me to achieve my monthly financial obligations, as well as secure a peace of mind. Gainful employment would enable me to reach my career, financial, and personal goals, which is why this assistance is crucial to my success.

I am presently in need of transportation assistance so that I may be able to schedule potential job interviews and network in search of viable employment opportunities. Without transportation, meeting my career, financial and personal goals will not be possible.

Meeting this need will help me because 5 months of transportation (1 monthly bus pass = $100) will mean security in going to job interviews, meeting with potential contractors, and taking care of personal commitments. I will be professionally stable, which in turn will make me a strong part of the community and an all-around better person who is able to give back to others.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Sophie from Inspiration Corporation

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Validated by Sophie from Inspiration Corporation (What does this mean?)

I know Craig through his participation in our Employment Services Program here at Inspiration Corporation. After a 3 week long intensive employment preparation training, Craig has worked with Inspiration Corporation for the past few months showing consistent dedication to work on job applications, job preparedness, and discussing and utilizing resources to gain more stability in his life. I think it is important for Craig to meet his need because the opportunities that access to transportation provide are critical to Craig's future successes. Five months of secure transportation can go a long way in Chicago, and I know that Craig will take full advantage of having a bus pass to set up meetings and interviews with potential employers.

About Sophie

Hi, I am the Resource Specialist here at Inspiration Corporation. My work involves assisting our participants in finding resources that will aid them in their job search and pursuit of personal goals. I help participants access resources such as glasses, professional attire for job interviews,… Read more