Leo from Chicago, IL

Need a driver's license to be considered for jobs

I'm looking for work and need to pay fees to get my license back. I've interviewed with employers who say if I get my license they can consider me.


Update from the Benevolent Team: Jun 25, 2013

We've just heard from Latosha, who tells us that Leo's fines have been paid, and he's now able to move forward with getting his driver's license so he can get a job.

Thank you from Heartland Alliance: Apr 24, 2013

The impact your agency has made in the lives of these two men (Leo and Tony) will never be described in words . . .

It has indeed been a life changing experience for each of them.

Forever Grateful

- Latosha Walker, Heartland Alliance, Senior Program Manager

- Nancy Phillips, Director

- Faith Newman, Casemanager

Thank you,

- Leo

- Tony


I need to pay off overdue traffic tickets and driver's license reinstatement fees.

My current situation is that I am looking for employment because I have to provide for myself and my family. I am currently unemployed. I have been seeking permanent employment for months now. What I'd like to enhance is my employability options with regaining my driver's license. I have been passed over for employment opportunities because I do not currently have a valid license. I owe fines, and my unemployment inhibits me from paying the fines and reinstatement costs associated with regaining my driving privileges.

I have interviewed with employers who have stated to me that if I were to get my driver's license I may still be considered for employment.

Meeting this need will help me because I will be able to easily travel to employers and complete employment applications.

Meeting this need will help me achieve future goals because my goal is to obtain employment and with a little help I know my dreams will come true. In the future, I would like to become gainfully employed so I can provide for myself and my family.

The toughest thing that I face right now is putting food on the table for my family. Right now, my biggest challenge is that with my criminal background, many employers are unwilling to consider me for employment.

I am a hard worker and I know with a little help I can provide for myself and my family.

I think of myself mostly as a family man and a husband. I'm most proud of the fact that I have changed completely and I am very hopeful about my future.

I am currently enrolled in Truman College as a GED candidate. I've worked in jobs including construction and assembly line. My work experience involves warehousing, machine operator, logistics, maintenance and landscaping. I live with my family.

Something interesting about me is that I love life and love people.

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This need has been validated by Latosha from Heartland Alliance

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Validated by Latosha from Heartland Alliance (What does this mean?)

I have known Leo for over a year. He came to our agency seeking housing and employment services. He was referred to my transitional jobs program in hopes of assisting him with securing permanent employment. He has done nothing less than being an example of hard work, determination, and will power. He has set personal and professional goals that he strives daily to attain. He goes above and beyond to help others and continues to stay positive despite his economic struggles.

I think meeting this need is important because it will enhance his chances of gaining permanent employment. He is just unable to do so because he can't afford to buy food let alone pay for fines associated with his driver's license. The fines are several years old but even today they are hindering him.

This will move Leo's life forward by allowing him to get a job to provide for him and his family.

Leo has worked hard with moving his life forward. He has studied and taken the GED exam and has successfully managed to stay on a positive road despite his circumstances. It will truly be a life changing turn in his life for the good if he could get his driver's license.

About Latosha

My job title is Sr. Program Manager. I have been in this position since March 2009. My work involves managing programs that provide services to the hard to assist populations. These services assist our clients with the tools and resources needed to allow them to be more self sufficient and leads… Read more