Tia from Detroit, MI

I'm studying to become a nurse. My kids need school clothes that fit.

My kids are growing, and new uniforms that fit will help them be comfortable and confident enough to excel in school.


I am a currently raising my four children, and have been caring for my late sister's 3 children as well after she passed away. I am currently struggling to buy them school clothes for the year.

My goals are to become a nurse, once the children go back to school I can go back to school part-time to complete my education. It is also my goal to adopt my sister's children.

I need school uniforms and coats so that my children can be comfortable and confident enough to excel in school.

On a budget as tight as ours, and with my sisters' children to also take care of, it's almost impossible for me to set aside any extra money for things like school clothes. Meeting this need would mean the world to me.

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Need funded!

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Validated by Paula from Black Family Development (What does this mean?)

I have known Tia since her family was added to my caseload for treatment. Tia has so much determination. Every time I've seen her experience an obstacle, she finds the strength to overcome it.

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I am a Case Manager at Black Family Develompent. I am responsible for linking clients with resources in the community through the Promise Neighborhoods Program. Promise Neighborhoods' vision is ensure that all children in the Detroit Clark Park/Osborn Neighborhoods have access to excellent… Read more