Pierre from Chicago, IL

Getting my degree in counseling; need bed set to get a good night's sleep

I need a bedroom set for my new apartment so I can sleep and do well in school. Right now I sleep on the floor and have nowhere to keep my clothes.


Pierre has his bed! Jul 2, 2013

Eleanor has just shared the good news that Pierre's got his bed and is very pleased. He feels it's really improved his life and it's helping him to get a good night's sleep before going to class.

Update from the Benevolent Team: Apr 4, 2013

Eleanor has informed us that a generous donor has given Pierre a bedroom set, so we have lowered the amount he is requesting to cover the bed only.


I need a bedroom set to start furnishing my apartment. This includes a bedframe, mattress, dresser, and bedside table.

My new apartment is great. However, I am on a fixed income, so buying furniture for my apartment is difficult considering my tight budget. I am currently sleeping on the floor. Having a bed and a dresser would allow me to rest while I am studying and give me a place to keep my clothing.  

Right now, my biggest challenge is not having a place to put my belongings and sleeping uncomfortably. Although I am happy to be in my own place, it has been hard to concentrate on my school work without these essential pieces of furniture to sleep well and organize my clothing.

My goal is to obtain a position in social services and become a counselor. With a full-time job, I will increase my income and become self-sufficient.

My current situation is that I am working on getting my degree in mental health and substance abuse counseling, and I just moved into subsidized housing.

Meeting this need will help me because I will be able to organize my belongings and get a good night's rest. This will make it easier for me to focus on school.

I think of myself mostly as a student. I am working on getting my degree in mental health and substance abuse counseling.

I'm most proud of the progress I've made so far. I have been trying to move into my own place for two years, and I recently moved from transitional housing into permanent housing.

I've worked at jobs in the general labor field, but I am most interested in counseling and working one-on-one in a social service environment.

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Validated by Eleanor from Inspiration Corporation (What does this mean?)

I have known Pierre for 7 months, since I started working as the Resource Specialist. During this time, he and I have been working on getting him into subsidized housing.

I think meeting this need is important because he has been studying hard to get his degree in counseling, and this has been made more difficult by having to sleep on the hard floor. He has no place to keep his clothing currently, either. Having a bedroom set is essential for him, so that he can become truly settled into his new apartment and rest well.

This will move Pierre's life forward by giving him a place to rest his head at night and to put his clothing. He is a very organized and studious person, and will benefit greatly from having a few essential pieces of furniture in his bedroom.

Pierre has been very patient in waiting for this new apartment, and in sticking with his goals. Every time I meet with him, he has a positive and appreciative demeanor. He is a very empathetic person, and I know he will succeed in his career.

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