Walter from Abra, Philippines

Ready to rebuild after a typhoon. Construction supplies with help me reopen my shop!

My shop was destroyed by a typhoon. I need to buy materials like cement, roof tins, and lumber to rebuild the shop and support my family.


My name is Walter -- from Abra, Philippines -- and I need help in rebuilding my shop which was destroyed by a strong typhoon.

My number one goal is to be able to operate my small business again by rebuilding it physically after it was destroyed by a recent storm. This business is the only source of income of my family.

I need rebuilding materials like cement, hollow blocks, roof tins, nails, lumber, wood and metals to put up my shop again.

Meeting this need will help me because I would be able to fund my family's basic expenses again.

Need funded!

Thank you for helping Walter fund this need.

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Need funded!

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Validated by Cynthia from Academy for Creating Enterprise (What does this mean?)

Walter is an alumnus of the Academy and is also a volunteer chapter president of his small entrepreneurs' club in his hometown. He is a father of three who gets income through his small hardware supply store. He tries his best to make ends meet by improving his management of his business; unfortunately his town was devastated by a strong storm that recently hit the country and his shop was flattened to the ground. He needs help to rebuild his shop immediately so he can start earning again.

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Hi my name is Cynthia and I work as an Office Manager for a foundation called the Academy for Creating Enterprise. We help individuals who want to start and grow businesses by providing them with foundational business principles, coaching and mentoring through business support groups called… Read more

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