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Tim from Bronx, New York

Recently disabled. With a laptop I'll be able work + create a mural for a children's shelter

I'm a trained graphic artist ready to return to working and stability after illness and homelessness. With a laptop I'll be able to work and contribute.

My need and situation

I've been a Graphic Artist since 1981 (over 35 years of experience), and find myself in need of a Laptop (Graphic Artist Laptop) to fulfill an upcoming Community Mural Project for kids coming out of the shelter system and living in supportive housing with their families. Being recently disabled, the Graphic Laptop will also help me supplement my income the days I am able to work. After some ups and downs throughout the years, including being unemployed then homeless, I found myself in an NYC shelter not long ago. Just when things were coming together (I was possibly going to become Staff at the very same shelter), I became extremely ill and disabled; unable to work, and now at the mercy of public assistance waiting for Social Security Disability. Good news is after leaving the shelter recently, I was blessed to end up in a Supportive Housing facility called Barrier Free Living for individuals and families who are survivors of domestic violence, veterans and persons with disabilities. The staff here is committed to helping me and others get back to living independently with a respectable quality of life.

I have committed myself to paint a Mural with these kids and local youth in the "Community Garden" across the street from our residential family building as a summer project.

Having the Laptop would ensure I keep this promise and help give our children not only a positive summer activity but also teaching them through their involvement the benefits and value of working together as a community and provide memories to last a lifetime.

Not only would receiving this Laptop mean a lot to me for other future community-related projects, it will also help to provide me an additional source of income as a Graphic Artist and Web Designer, and undoubtedly this will mean a bunch to these kids who have already endured so much as well. Thanks in advance for listening and your generous support.

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This need has been validated by Irma from Barrier Free Living, Inc.



Validated by Irma from Barrier Free Living, Inc. (What does this mean?)

I met Tim when I began my employment at Barrier-Free Living Apartments (BFLA) on January 2, 2018 but was assigned his case on July 1, 2018. Since then I assisted Tim with various services that includes advocacy for his SSD appeal, counseling, medical accompaniment, tenant issues that arises, and support. His love for graphic art has been exemplified during Occupational Therapy groups where he assisted in arts and craft, painting and other artistic endeavors. Although he has disabilities, it does not stop him from assisting BFLA Learning Center which works with children ages 4-12, who plan to paint a mural across the street on 138th street in the Bronx where there is a community garden. Mr. Jones is always concerned with the community and is willing to assist in showcasing the beauty of the South Bronx through art.

About Irma

I am the Director of Social Services at Barrier-Free Living. My work involves supervising Behavioral Health Coordinators (BHC) who serve single individuals and families with a history of domestic violence and physical, sexual abuse, incarceration, substance use, homelessness, and developmental and… Read more