Jernesto from NEW YORK CITY, NY

Single father focused on raising my son; I need child-friendly furniture!

I'm proud to work and provide for my son. I'm finding us a new apartment, but I need help furnishing it in a child-friendly manner.


I am a 49 year old single father. I love my son and love being his Dad. Raising him alone can be challenging, but it is the most rewarding experience of my life.

I have loved the opportunity to work and provide for my son. I am in the process of finding a new apartment for us and my goal is to create a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment to raise my son. One day, I would like to start my own mechanic shop and teach my son these skills as well. However, I am currently focused on creating a home for us.

I need child-friendly furniture for our apartment. I want my son to be comfortable and safe in our home, so it is important that I get quality furniture and supplies for our home.

This need will help me move forward because it will allow me to create the proper environment for my home, which will increase my confidence as a father. As a single-father, I worry about all the expenses I have, so getting support with furniture will ease my worry. I am so excited for us to get a new apartment, it is a new start for my son and I. Knowing that he has a safe and comfortable home will bring me so much joy.

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This need has been validated by John from NYC Department of Probation

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Validated by John from NYC Department of Probation (What does this mean?)

I have been working with Jernesto for 1 year. He is a hard working individual focused on making a positive life for him and his son. He is consistent with his appointments and has shown a lot of determination.

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