Daniel from New York, NY

I'm trying to put my life together. I need clothes for job interviews / work.

I've overcome many challenges and I'm working hard to set myself on a good path. I need to buy clothes to look presentable so I can get a job!

My need and situation

I am a probation client who trying to fix his life, and a nice guy. I've been through a lot; a little bit of everything. I'm still trying to keep it all together with a smile on my face. I have multiple job skills, like automotive, cosmetology and HVAC. I faced some challenges that I overcame, like homelessness and being told that I couldn't read or write. I recently patched things up with my mother have a positive attitude and just need a little help.

My goals are to obtain employment, and assistance in dealing with professionals that I need to talk to to fix personal issues relating to my children.

I need new clothing, to be presentable for interviews and at work.

Meeting this need will help me because it would make me look presentable at job interviews and not like a "hoodlum" and increase my chances at success.

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This need has been validated by SPO Graham from NYC Department of Probation

SPO Graham


Validated by SPO Graham from NYC Department of Probation (What does this mean?)

I, along with PO Clark, work with the client, Daniel, for the past several months and can attest to his account. He is in need and benefited from our clothing closet and personal items donated by the DOP. He has come a long way from being homeless and positively communicating with ACS and family as it relates to his children. Mr. Gomez is in need of assistance in making further gains.

About SPO Graham

My job title is Supervising Probation Officer. My work is overseeing a team of Probation Officers whose caseloads include multiple clients that have financial needs that they cannot afford at the time. I enjoy helping others and watching them become the persons they aspire to. Hopefully, connecting… Read more