Michael from Chicago, IL

I am a 50 year old male who is close to finding a machining job , but I need some help.

I don't see clearly, and need new glasses. My insurance does not cover the exam or the lenses.


I am looking to start a new career in CNC (Computer Numerical Control – computerized machining in manufacturing). I’m currently in a fulltime training program to learn how to be a CNC operator.

My goal is to find employment, as a CNC machinist. I have completed certificates for bot Milling and Turning.

Currently I am having a hard time seeing clearly. My glasses’ prescription is outdated, and my insurance doesn’t cover getting a new eye exam, or the prescription lenses I need.

Getting an updated prescription would allow me to get a CNC job, and start a career. In a CNC career, I would feel better about myself, and be one step further in my life as I accomplish my goals.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Alan from Jane Addams Resource Corporation

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Validated by Alan from Jane Addams Resource Corporation (What does this mean?)

I have known Michael through the manufacturing program at Jane Addams Resource Center. It is a manufacturing school that prepares students for career in the field. He is enrolled in the CNC program and is an excellent student. He did not only complete the certificate for his CNC Turning, but continued his education by completed his CNC Milling. Michael is so close in getting a position with a manufacturing company, and all he needs is a updated pair of glasses to give him the confidence he needs.

About Alan

My job title is Asset Building and Career Developer. I work with the graduates of our training programs. Once they are employed, I provide financial coaching to help achieve financial stability, and help them navigate any new career issues.

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