Micah from Chicago, IL

To find work as machinist, I need help to buy safety equipment and car repairs.

I've learned CNC Machining, but employers expect me to have equipment before they'll hire me. Also, I need to fix up my car so I can go to jobs.

My need and situation

I am a young, happy-going, extra-mile kinda person. Hardworking, always looking to have fun while learning. But very family oriented. Always a helping hand and mindful of others.

My goals are to take on a career for better changes to succeed in life. I have done lots of jobs that were not careers. Eventually maybe have a business of my own, but I know it's about starting at the bottom.

I need steel toe boots and work gloves. And my car needs a lot of required maintenance so I will be able to get to work.

Meeting this need will help me because having the proper equipment and having reliable transportation means a better chance at having that good job. I am already trained in CNC Machining so I just need equipment to find work.

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Validated by Alan from Jane Addams Resource Corporation (What does this mean?)

Micah is working hard in our program. He is clearly committed to having a successful manufacturing career. He's very focused on his family, always looking for ways he can help his mom.

About Alan

My job title is Asset Building and Career Developer. I work with the graduates of our training programs. Once they are employed, I provide financial coaching to help achieve financial stability, and help them navigate any new career issues.