Anthony from New York, NY

I've worked hard at a photography program. I need a camera to strike out on my own!

After graduating from the program I took a part-time job there. Now I want to start a photography business-- but I'll need a good camera.

My need and situation

I am a 19 year old aspiring professional photographer who is currently partnered with the John McEnroe Tennis Academy, and Neighborhood Opportunity Network ("NeON") Photography. I am the oldest of 7 and aim for greatness to set the best example possible.

My goals are to heighten my skills as a photographer and to have my own business in order to provide others with my services.

In order to provide the best services possible, I will need my own camera. Preferably, a Canon 80D to provide high quality work.

Even though I have a camera available for work purposes, I do not have my own in order to start my own business, sharpen my skills and hone my craft.

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This need has been validated by PO Duque from NYC Department of Probation

PO Duque


Validated by PO Duque from NYC Department of Probation (What does this mean?)

I have been working along with the recipient for over a year and a half. During this time, he has shown great improvement and a true passion for photography. Anthony graduated our NeON Arts Photography program and obtain part-time employment with them. He also successfully graduated from the Center of Employment Opportunities ("CEO") and has a great rapport with staff. Anthony has shown commitment and a desire for a better future. It would be great to see him receive this help and be able to pursue his photography career.

About PO Duque

I am a Probation Officer with the Dept. of Probation. I am motivated by assisting our clientele in achieving their goals and living a law-abiding life.