Deayande from Queens, NY

I'm studying as a fashion designer. I need a camera to show my designs to the world!

I've been learning for a year and I've got big dreams. A camera would be a big boost in my education and career as I move forward.


My name is Deayande. I am a 21-year-old fashion designer. I’ve been designing clothes for one whole year now. I’ve progressed rapidly through the course of this year but there's still some things in my craft that I’m lacking.

I set very high goals for myself as a fashion designer. I would like to touch millions with the clothes that I design. In order for that to be possible I will need the proper presentation.

I’m in need of a professional camera to complete my presentations as a fashion designer. I would like to present my clothes on many different fashion websites and with the brilliance behind these eye catching designs I know it will be possible.

This would be so helpful for my profession and is the only thing that I’m in need of. I’ve worked very hard for everything else and I’m called upon to do many things with fashion it’s becoming overwhelming without a camera. Meeting this need will help me with making my work more presentable on many different clothing websites and I would be able to generate an income.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by PO Taylor from NYC Department of Probation

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PO Taylor


Validated by PO Taylor from NYC Department of Probation (What does this mean?)

I have known Deayande for about 8 months now through the NYC Department of Probation. Deayande has shown a great effort on wanting to improve his life as he has made future plans in opening up clothing store. Deayande enjoys making clothing and has been able to present a few of his designs that he has created. Deayande exhibits great potential and passion for his love of fashion. Deayande is always pleasant and very intelligent. Deayande also plans to continue his education in the future with the Fashion Institute of Technology for his Bachelors degree in fashion.

About PO Taylor

My Job title is a Probation officer, whom has been in the human services field for about 12 years now. I enjoy working with clients in assisting them to reintegrate within the community, help them to live a quality of life, and assist them with attaining their life goals.