Antonio from Chicago, IL

I am learning welding to build my career after I was laid off my last job.

To continue working I need gear such as a welding helmet, jacket, gloves and steel toed work boots. I have no source of income to buy these myself.


I was a machinist for a spring manufacturer but I was laid off. I realized that welding is what I want to do.

My goals are to finish the welding program at JARC and start my search for a career.

I need welding gear such as a welding helmet, jacket, gloves and steel toe work boots. Because I do not have a source of income, I don't have the ability to purchase these items for myself.

Meeting this need will help me because I will have all the necessary equipment needed to start my new career as a welder.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Katherine from Jane Addams Resource Corporation

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Validated by Katherine from Jane Addams Resource Corporation (What does this mean?)

Antonio is very passionate about becoming a welder. He is a sponge absorbing as much information as he can. He was a machinist and was laid off from his company. Then he came to JARC to get a trade skill to start a steady career. He doesn’t have any money to purchase protective gear because he no longer has a income. He is learning very quickly. We have no doubt he will have a job soon. Now he just needs gear so he will be ready to work!

About Katherine

I work for the Jane Addams Resource Corporation. Our mission is to ensure that people who work do not live in poverty. My goal is to help people get on their feet and earn a living wage. Helping people is my life mission and I will do that any way that I can.

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